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My Story

If you’ve been fantasizing about getting married in Italy for some time, you probably have a very specific vision in your mind about how your event will be. You can picture the scenery, taste the food and, even hear the guests in your mind.

But how do you transform that vivid picture in your mind into a real event that’s impeccably planned down to the last detail?

Well, that’s why you have me. I’m Sandra Santoro, Creative Director and Founder of gettingmarriedinitaly®.

My specialty is taking you and your guests through a sensorial journey to Italy and crafting unique experiences that will allow you to explore the destination through the five senses.

My mission is understanding the exact vision you have for your wedding in Italy and making it come to life using my extensive knowledge of my beloved homeland, my exclusive connections to the finest venues and my creative team of talented wedding professionals.


How I got here

Born in 1970 in Puglia, I have lived across the entire country at one point or another, becoming intimately familiar with all the various regions that make up this beautiful country (p.s. I love spilling the beans about Italy’s hidden gems to my top wedding clients. If I have the honor of working with you, I won’t be able to keep these precious secrets to myself). Although my early career included teaching, translating, interpreting and marketing, I have been planning events since 1995.

It all began when a luxury hotel in Tuscany asked me to assist some of their clients in getting married in Florence. A second request followed soon thereafter and, before I knew it, I discovered my true passion: planning sophisticated destination weddings in my home country of Italy.


From humble beginnings to celebrity events

My planning boutique has come a long way since those early days. In the beginning, weddings were mainly organized by phone or fax (we didn’t even have email yet!). But once we gained access to the Internet, the business grew like wildfire and I am now delighted and privileged to be able to assist couples from all over the world with their destination wedding in Italy.

In fact, my team and I have had such wonderful success assisting destination couples plan their dream Italy wedding, that we now partner as local onsite representative for international wedding & event companies based abroad, which has led to the planning of several luxurious celebrity weddings over the years.


My passion, Your vision

Planning, designing and coordinating weddings in Italy is my calling and I truly believe this is why my clients experience such unforgettable events. As a wedding expert, planner, designer and creative director, I get to combine my natural organizational skills and attention to detail with my love of wine and food, eye for aesthetics and experience travelling the country to create flawless events that feature my client’s personal style while showcasing the best scenery Italy has to offer.

I am inspired by your vision, style and taste. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to use my natural abilities and local know-how to help you create a one-of-a-kind event in Italy, custom designed just for you.


Let’s explore your wedding vision

Despite all the amazing advancements with technology and the Internet, there is simply no replacement for human connection. I love speaking with new clients by phone, Skype or Zoom and discovering the grand vision they have for their destination wedding in Italy.

If you’re ready to get your ideas out of your head and start building a plan to make them a reality, I would love to meet with you.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me today so we can reserve your date on my calendar before it books up.

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