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Think of Italy and imagine… the medieval hill towns set in the gorgeous Tuscan landscape, which brings you back in time and makes you feel in an ideal Renaissance painting. Imagine… walking hand in hand along Venetian canals, exploring the Roman ruins where the history of the world will embrace your personal love story in a perfect scenery. Imagine… the sweet scent of lemon groves, the warm summer evening breeze and the breathtaking sight of the sunset in the Amalfi Coast bay. Art cities, the countryside, lakes, coastal landscapes and mountains – there is just so much to choose from!

Whether you are planning a big family wedding or a small intimate affair, one-to-one service is always a priority.

We specialize in personalized arrangements and provide couples with top quality services. We are at our clients’ disposal to satisfy even the most unique request. Our services do not consist in merely sending a simple list of recommendations and suggestions, but include careful selection of venues and suppliers, proposals, estimates, booking, planning & logistics, through of all details to the last finishing touch.

Depending on your requirements, concerns, struggles and stage of planning, you may need one of the following services to create your perfect day without taking the risk of making costly mistakes or waste your precious time:

✯ Bespoke Wedding Planning & Design
✯ Tailored Elopement 

✯ Marriage Ceremony Planning 

✯ Legal Paperwork Assistance

✯ Proposals
✯ Venue Selection Service
✯ Getaway Experience

✯ Concierge Services
✯ DIY (do-it-yourself consultancy) 

✯ E-sessions

To learn more about how you can take your wedding planning to your next level, get in touch with us now.

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