Amelie + Ali

Dear Sandra,

We just got back last night from our 2 week trip to Tuscany. We had such a lovely time. We really, really enjoyed our ever so small and low key wedding at that amazing location. I thought it would be inside (I think you had sent a picture at some stage)… and thought it was amazing that it was outside with the view over the valley and the beautiful olive trees.

Thank you so much for organising and allowing it all to be so smooth. We felt in very good hands throughout and are very grateful that we ended up with you as our wedding planner. Please do not forget to send us the link so we can write you a great review.
We are now waiting to hear what happens next and whether there is anything we need to do here in the UK. Presumably you will send us the final marriage certificate?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the very best to you and your team from the UK.

A&A • DE/USA → Vinci, 17.07.2017