Lesley-Ann + Kenneth

Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for all your organization, advice, help, support on the lead up to, and during our wedding.


Photos, video and wedding certificates safely arrived on Friday. We had the pleasure of sitting watching it with family at the weekend and having a good look through all the photos, all 645 of them, so lots to choose from. We have already been to printer and had some printed and are now in frames in our home, pride of place!
We cannot thank you enough for your fabulous service and commitment to making our wedding day very special which absolutely includes Pastor, chef, florist, photographer and videographer!

An absolutely fabulous job from yourself and “gettingmarriedinitaly®”!!!

With best wishes for your continuing success in the future,
With much gratitude and thanks,


L&K • UK → Lucca, 31.07.2014